“I would like to thank the staff at Gulf Of Maine Seafoods for their superior service, attention to detail and willingness to wow their customers.  My company has used Gulf of Maine Seafoods to provide corporate gifts to clients across the United States.  Their products have been met with rave reviews.  I cannot think of a company I would rather place my business with.  Their customer focus and intergrity sets them apart from all competitors.  I highly recommend the Gulf of Maine Seafoods team!”

- Chris, Fortune 250 Company.


“I haven’t eaten a ton of lobsters in my life. I went to Red Lobster a couple of times and my opinion was “Meh.”  Then I tried some hard shells from Gulf of Maine Seafoods and Oh. My. God. I’d rather pay a few bucks extra in shipping and eat quality, then save a few bucks and eat trash. I can’t wait to do this again!!”

-Veronica Medina, Indiana


“I ordered six live lobsters from Gulf of Maine Seafoods for the first time. I just finished eating them now. Having been raised in Maine, I know what good lobsters look like and taste like. Holy cow, were they tasty! They arrived in less than two days of my ordering them.  I haven’t seen lobsters this jam-packed with meat outside of New England. If you’re looking for quality, give ‘em a shot.”

-Dan Cailler, Indiana (photo courtesy of Dan and Veronica)