About Us

Welcome to Gulf of Maine Seafoods!

Gulf of Maine Seafoods is a seafood brokerage firm in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. We represent the hardworking waterfront of the rugged Maine Coast. Our work and values are greatly influenced by the fishermen that work tirelessly in all conditions to harvest your catch from the Gulf of Maine.

Our Values:

  • We are Ethical- Gulf of Maine Seafoods is committed to conducting business operations in an ethical manner
  • We speak with Integrity- Gulf of Maine Seafoods works hard to accurately represent what the Gulf of Maine has to offer your menu at a reasonable price.
  • Respect & Loyalty- We are true to the sustainability of resources that the Gulf of Maine has been producing for generations. We respect the loyalty our fishermen have pledged to the Gulf. In turn, we want to nourish a relationship with you to service your seafood needs loyally & respectfully for years to come.

We specialize in delivering a white glove service experience to our customers insuring long lasting relationships that are a triple win. That means your patrons win, our clients win, and the working waterfront of Maine wins!

Gulf of Maine Seafoods works hard to move your patron’s taste buds from your table to our coast.

Cheers to our gourmet resources and the needs for the world to have a taste of Vactionland delivered to their neighborhood menus.

Returning Seas,


The Gulf of Maine Seafoods Team

280 Spurwink Ave

Cape Elizabeth

ME 04107