The Gulf of Maine

The Gulf of Maine is one of the world’s finest seafood resources.  It is most widely recognized for the sustainability and traceability of its lobster fishery.

Homarus americanus is the lobster we package and ship.  Also referred to in these parts as “lobster” or “lobst-ah.”

Our fishery is unique in that our lobsters are caught year round by fishermen.  This permits for our facility to manage a close relationship with the boat captains.   These relationships allow for sound communication between our facility management and fishermen to ensure demand is met.  Traceability of the inventory naturally creates a quality assurance process for guaranteed freshness.

Our facility boasts 60 years of fishing, picking, packaging, order fulfillment and logistical expertise.  Most important is the method we use to guarantee the delivery of the freshest lobster you can order.

Not only do we guarantee freshness but we guarantee a world class service experience.  Post sale follow-up is an integral piece of our success.  Our first conversation after you open your first box of our Maine Lobster is the most anticipated event of our day.  We want to hear the smile on your face when you see just how fresh the lobsters are when they arrive.  We want feedback from your chef, and most importantly, we want to know what your patron’s thought about their experience dining on these fine seafood products.